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Digital Aerial Installation

Digital Aerial Installation have been installing many types of TV aerials for over 20 years, today aerials come in a variety of sizes, shapes and types. From a standard digital TV aerial to a High gain TV aerial we can help and advise on which aerial to choose from and all are at competitive prices. Some homes may require more than an aerial, a booster/mast head amplifier or power supply booster may be necessary to strengthen the signal to the property.  When deciding which aerial to install it is important that you receive the correct advice.  Digital Aerial Installation can come along and test your property and help you purchase the best aerial to meet your needs.

Which Aerial Will I require?

Within areas of good TV aerial reception a standard digital aerial can be installed either on a short aerial mast, a bracket on the chimney stack or onto a gable end wall.  In a poor reception area a more powerful aerial would be needed in order to receive a better TV signal, at Digital Aerial Installation Ilkley we would recommend and supply a Super 18 aerial.  When customers live within really hard to reach reception areas, for example when a property is surrounded by buildings and trees then a High Gain aerial would be required. We can advise and supply whatever our customers need.  Should you be unfortunate enough to live within an exceptionally bad reception area a satellite dish may be your only option and a freesat system may be the only way to pick up standard terrestrial television channels through the satellite.  This may be the only way of getting any television reception.  Visit our Freesat Installation page for more advise on this.

Why Choose Digital Aerial Installation?

We feel that we are at the top of our game and we pride ourselves in our high level of customer service.  We achieve this through our engineers who take pride in their Aerial installations.  We also ask that our customers leave a review on our sites allowing potential new customers to read, creating further peace of mind before booking a visit.  Call today for free advise or to book an appointment for an engineer to visit 07850636902