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Digital Aerials Sheffield installations are what we are good at, any area thats having problems with reception should get us out. If you have partly or completely lost your reception, we can really help. You may be experiencing “blocking” pictures, “freezing” or that some channels have simply disappeared altogether. All of these faults can be rectified by the Sheffield Digital Aerial Team.

With Freeview it is possible that your aerial has moved off direction and requires re fixing by tightening or replacing the brackets which hold it to the chimney or wall. With Sky or Freesat, the dish may have slightly moved, which can again be quickly and easily resolved by a professional engineer with the correct test equipment.

Other common faults can include perished and waterlogged cabling or damaged outlet sockets which can both be identified and replaced. At Digital  Aerial Services Sheffield our experienced engineers will quickly diagnose your problem because, having been in business since 2001, we’ve seen them all before.

If you do require a replacement part then just give Digital Aerials Sheffield a ring we are nearly always able to provide this from our well stocked vans, saving you from having to take costly time off work for an annoying second visit.

Digital aerials Sheffield have been a massive part of the Sheffield community helping people get a Digital signal back into there home. We never give up if your having problems we will find a way.

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TV aerials come in all shapes and sizes and prices. We have installed thousands of aerials of all types over many years. One of the most important factors to an aerial is the wind factor, some of the larger more expensive aerials tend to have a greater wind factor than more moderately priced aerials available on the market.

It is true that the bigger the aerial and the more elements, the greater signal gain. However strong signal gain TV aerials (high gain aerials – as they are known) are not always necessary. Since the onset of digital TV, most areas will have been supplied with main or relay transmitters that will supply enough output signal for most locations.

Through years of experience, it has become clear that the best aerials should be streamlined, with low wind resistance. If however you needed a strong signal because of distance from a transmitter, or distribution to more than one TV, then a masthead amplifier would be the best choice instead of a large, wind catching aerial.

Most aerials now, if installed correctly and optimised with a signal detection meter will provide good reception for digital free view and all of the HD channels.

All aerials are made for internal or external usage though some of the larger type aerials are not easy to man-oeuvre in a loft for the correct positioning to maximise signal detection. Therefore there is no such thing as a loft aerial.

Whilst moderate to good reception can be gained from a loft, the signal is stronger when installed outside on a chimney or gable end.

We have engineers all over Sheffield seven days a week and will make every effort to make and keep to an appointment time that suits you. More About Us  To restore your reception, Call us on 0114 358 3478.