DAB Aerials Sheffield


DAB aerials systems Sheffield enable the transmission of a wide range of national radio channels with high quality digital reception and tuning. DAB Aerials Sheffield  supply DAB aerials and receivers in addition to installing and repairing DAB aerial systems Across Sheffield and behond. Our aerial fitters are also experts in delivering effective Multi-Room and Commercial Systems, ensuring the best DAB sound quality will reach every room.


DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and was developed in the 1980s as a European research project. The first ever digital radio channel was transmitted by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in 1995 and over 50 DAB stations now air in the UK.

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DAB Aerials Sheffield

DAB aerials

Radio Aerial Repairs

DAB radio aerials offer listeners a higher choice of stations than traditional AM/FM Radio and these are not limited by your location. With DAB Radio, Sheffield listeners can access radio broadcasts from Northern cities such as Leeds and Manchester.

Digital Radio Aerials Sheffield additionally provide more coverage from closer to home, transmitting many undocumented local channels. The multiple digital streams remove the need to switch frequency and their signal strength has removed the FM reception problems of crackling, fading and station overlap. DAB radio systems also deliver the benefits of auto-tuning, radio-text and often come with the option to pause and then resume live broadcasts.


Many households need an external DAB aerial fitted to receive digital radio. DAB Radio Aerial expert engineers provide and install DAB aerials and will tailor installation work specifically to your building to ensure you receive the best sound quality available. We are fully qualified and insured to work with extreme heights, so fit DAB aerials safely and with confidence on any building or complex.


Sheffield Digital design and build Multi-Room DAB Systems, installing single radio receivers through designated speakers within the rooms of your home. Our expertise in these DAB installations enable you to access a different choice of radio station in various rooms and the option of playing the same digital radio channel throughout your house, preventing your listening being interrupted as you move around. Radio Aerials Sheffield Can come and install yours today contact us here today  or call 07834549340.