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Freesat Installation

Freesat Installation can connect you up to receive freesat services within your home.  In a similar way to free view, Freesat is a non subscription service and once you have bought the satellite dish and the set top box there are no future monthly subscription charges.   You require a dish aligned in the correct direction, an old sky dish can also be used and the Freesat receiver or Freesat box which are available from around £40 o £100 depending on the services you require.  Some televisions now come with Freesat receivers built-in.

In addition to all the usual free channels relayed through free view, freesat also provides customers with an additional one hundred television and radio channels.  View all the channels Freesat provides HD channels and has the capacity to record and pause television programmes.  Furthermore if you connect to broadband, freesat boxes can be used with a smart televisions.   The various options for the sets are, Freesat HD (high definition)  Freesat HD PVR (high definition with recorder) or simply Freesat televisions.  If you are struggling to make a decision try looking online for one of the Freeview coverage checkers such as the ones at or and type in your UK postcode. These will inform you of the services and channels that are available to you.

Freesat is great for all the family and its possible to roll back the television guide and watch something you have missed, record an entire series and watch your favourite programme whilst recording another.  Freesat Installations are only a phone call away should you require a satellite installation or your freesat system connecting and setting up. 

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