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Surround Sound Installation can transform your ordinary television setup into a home cinema experience.  For a complete surround-sound system, you would require two to three speakers in front of you and two to three speakers to the sides or behind you. The audio signal is then split into multiple channels so that different sound information is transported through the various speakers.

The most prominent sounds come out of the front speakers, then when someone or something is making noise to the left side of the screen, you hear it more through the speakers to the left of the screen and vice versa for the right side.  The third speaker would be central, just under or above the television.  This center speaker anchors the sound coming from the left and right speakers, it transports all the dialogue and front sound effects so that it feels to be coming from the centre of your television screen, rather than from the sides.  The speakers behind  fill in various background sounds from the movie, for example dogs barking, rushing water, the sound of an aeroplane.  These also work together with the front speakers to give the sensation of movement as the sound works from the front and behind you.

At Surround Sound Installation we offer a first class professional surround sound equipment service.  We can work with you and advise and suggest the best solutions, designing a bespoke system to suit your property.  Our engineers will ensure that you receive a system that meets your expectations as well as your budget.

Our surround sound equipment can range from high end speaker systems to cost effective audio equipment.  We are available seven days a week and we are happy to attend your property to discuss your requirements with you.  Call today on 08000132341 or alternatively email us at and we will book an appointment today